A YES vote for the Zoo and Museum is a vote for educating our kids. That’s why so many education leaders, school board members, superintendents, teachers and school employees are voting YES for the Zoo and Museum proposal.

The Zoo and Museum brings the world to our doorstep and allows students in Kent County to learn about animals and wild life conservation at the Zoo. It also exposes them to one-of-a-kind artifacts and exhibits from around the world at the Museum. These amazing institutions help us understand who we are as a community and where we are going, together.

The John Ball Zoo and Grand Rapids Public Museum have a history of providing educational opportunities that grow, enrich and expand the minds of children. Passing this proposal will allow them to do even more.

By passing this proposal, the Zoo will be able to provide free admission to all K-12 school groups and the Museum will be able to provide free admission to all children in Kent County. Both institutions will also be able to expand educational programming so all students have access to even more innovative learning opportunities.

The Zoo will renovate exhibits, make updates to animal habitats and expand conservation efforts.

Passing the proposal will allow the Museum will enhance a variety of its education programs including expanding the science education lab experiences to weekends and evenings, continuing to develop hands-on watershed education laboratory experiences, developing new educational programs that utilize artifacts and allow students to have hands-on experiences with Grand Rapids history and culture, and many more.

The bottom line: This millage is an opportunity to the entire Kent County community to invest in our children’s education and ensure they continue to have opportunities to learn, explore and enjoy both the Zoo and Museum for years to come.

A YES vote on the Zoo and Museum proposal is more than a vote for two treasured institutions, it is a vote for our kids’ education both today and in the future.

That’s why the following education leaders, groups and organizations are urging a yes vote on the Zoo and Museum proposal:

  • Grand Rapids Public School Board
  • Grand Rapids Education Association 9A Coordinating Council (GREA, GRESPA, GRACEN, GRAEOP)
  • Teresa Weatherall-Neal, Superintendent, Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Lupe Ramos Montigny, State Board of Education
  • Wendy VerHage Falb, Grand Rapids Public School Board
  • Raynard Ross, Board Member, Grand Rapids Public School Board
  • Michael Schibler, Superintendent, Rockford Public Schools
  • Elizabeth Welch, East Grand Rapids School Board

For a full list of endorsements, visit www.yeszoomuseum.com/

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